ABOUT Application Security Certification

IIFIS (International Information for Information Security) helps to gain sound knowledge to help professionals make a career in security and businesses in developing distinguished security measures.

IIFIS provides two application security certifications focusing on web and mobile application security. The IIFIS Application Security Certification Course will show you how to integrate security into the software development life cycle by detecting and mitigating dangerous development trends while writing safe code. The focus of the course is on how application security ties into a larger cyber security strategy.

The IIFIS Application Security Course will cover typical security risks to web applications as well as potential solutions. Our security certificates are intended to assess a professional's ability to work across several platforms. IIFIS offers Application Security Certification in a set of two courses,

Certified Web Application Security Expert

Certified Mobile Application Security Expert

Objectives of application security courses:

Upskill candidates to become a champ of application security.

Entitle expertise in creating, installing, and maintaining networked devices and data protection.

Integrating security throughout the software development process.

What are the Prerequisites for Application Security Certification?

There are no special requirements as such but proficiency in programming fundamentals could be a boon to you.