IIFIS ventures to establish a global network of educational centres that provides a broader realm of training courses. IIFIS ensures to be offering up-to-date training, testing and credentialing services, to reach the standards of the current industry trends and demands in the market. As an Accredited Training Center, you have the opportunity to learn from our Certified IIFIS - Instructors in a flexible mode of learning, through which you can equip yourself with various industry-recognized credentialing programs.


What is IIFIS Corporate Partnership?

IIFIS is a global certification body for security professional certifications. IIFIS does not furnish training by itself, yet facilitates the easy access of different security professional certifications to corporate bodies.

Why should one opt for IIFIS corporate partnership?

IIFIS is a certification body that provides corporate certifications which are recognized on a global platform. IIFIS certification helps to add value for the executives.

Does IIFIS provide the course materials?

Yes. IIFIS provides course content to Partners.

Do the IIFIS Certifications help to make you value additions to corporates?

IIFIS is a global certification centre for security professional courses. IIFIS provides course content that is aligned with the current market demands. Opting for IIFIS certification helps an individual or professional to get equipped with practical knowledge of security domains.