ABOUT Certified Network Security Professional

IIFIS (International Information for Information Security) strives to provide principal knowledge professionals to mark the grade in the security domain and organizations to develop efficient security practices.

TheCertified Network Security Professional Course helps students achieve the knowledge and competency criteria for network and cybersecurity professionals. The course addresses the fundamentals of security in a modern networked environment, with an emphasis on system design considerations in the context of network/internetwork security.

The Network Security Professional certification validates your competence to configure, monitor, and operate on a daily basis to satisfy particular corporate network security requirements. The certification from IIFIS is a professional board's acknowledgement that you have the knowledge and abilities needed to be a successful network and cybersecurity worker.

Having the IIFIS certifications might help you get work in the field of information security!

Objectives of Network Security Courses:

Creating skilled professionals by imparting knowledge on everything there is to know about network security.

Entitle expertise in creating, installing, and maintaining networked devices and data protection.

Validate mastery of how to build, execute, and maintain network device security Ensuring network integrity

Objectives of Network Security Professional Course:

To equip candidates with network security particulars

Creating successful and knowledgeable network security professionals.

Who should attend the Network Security Professional Course?

The Network Security Professional Course is designed for security enthusiasts, IT professionals, network and system administrators, and CISO / CTOs who want to learn more about common Infrastructure (Network & Systems) concerns.

What are the prerequisites for Network Security Professional Certification?

Professionals having a decent grasp of the topic and a basic understanding of networking concepts are recommended.