ABOUT Certified Cyber Security Manager

IIFIS (International Information for Information Security) intends to empower security professionals to accomplish greater heights and companies to create effective security practices by providing key knowledge.

The Certified Cyber Security Manager is an intermediate level course that prepares you to take a strategic approach to cyber security. The Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) designation implies knowledge in information security governance, programme creation and management, incident management, and risk management.

The IIFIS certification establishes you as having not only cyber security skills but also knowledge and experience in developing and managing a cyber security programme. The certification, which is focused on management, promotes worldwide security practices and recognises the person who manages, designs, oversees, and assesses an organization's information security.

The certification may help your staff demonstrate their dedication to compliance, security, and integrity while also increasing customer loyalty!

Objectives of Cyber Security Manager Course:

Enable a grip on information security policies

Develop, manage, and implement an organization's information security programme.

Qualify candidates to manage events involving data security

Who should attend the Certified Cyber Security Manager Course?

Consultants and Managers in Security

Architects and security auditors

IT/Information Security Consultants

Directors and managers of information technology

Compliance/Privacy/Risk Officers in Chief

What are the prerequisites for the Certified Cyber Security Manager Course?

The training is designed for individuals who want to advance from team member to manager and who have technical knowledge and competence in IS/IT security and control.