About Information Security Certification

IIFIS (International Information for Information Security) strives to give the most up-to-date knowledge to assist experts in security domains and companies in establishing optimal security practices.

IIFIS offers five certificates in the field of information security, ranging from fundamental to advanced levels of expertise. The IIFIS Information Security Certification assesses the abilities needed by businesses and organizations to build and manage safe information systems. Our networking certificates are intended to assess professionals' ability to operate across several platforms. IIFIS offers Information Security Courses to novices, seasoned professionals and managers alike.

The certification will educate students on a variety of professional routes, and you will be able to lay the groundwork for one of the most in-demand areas, Cybersecurity. IIFIS Information Security Certificates can compliment you with the credentials that will most stand to gain you straight now and in your job.

Objectives of Information Security Certification

Imparting detailed knowledge of the information security domain.

Detailed exploration of information security and its implications.

Learn new skills and expand their capacities with candidates to advance into more senior positions.

The amateur level Information Security Certification:

Information Security Foundation

Intermediate level Certifications in Information Security:

Certified Information Security Professional Level 1

Certified Information Security Professional Level 2

The Advanced level Certifications in Information Security:

Certified Information Security Analyst

Certified Information Security Expert

What are the prerequisites for an Information Security Course?

The Information Security Foundation Course has no essential prerequisites, meanwhile, prior knowledge of the topic is advantageous.

Other certifications in the domain require completion of the Information Security Foundation Course.