ABOUT Mobile Application Security Expert

IIFIS (International Information for Information Security) helps to gain sound knowledge to help professionals make a career in security and businesses in developing distinguished security measures.

The Certified Mobility Application Security Expert Course certifies your proficiency in designing and implementing secure mobile apps, as well as the core concepts required for a career in cyber security. The course will show you how to build a safe app to maintain confidence, protect your money, and protect your reputation. By enabling autonomous, self-defending security methods, you can safeguard your apps from rising external hazards like hacker assaults.

Through IIFIS Courses, be well versed in mobile application and device security challenges, as well as penetration testing and solutions. IIFIS Mobile Application Security is a sought after certification in the cyber security domain!

Objectives of Certified Mobile Application Security Expert Course:

Authorise expertise in mobile security solutions and threat models

Skills to recognize mobile application software flaws in light of real-world risks.

Convey a good grasp of inspecting applications for vulnerabilities using various ways.

Who should attend the Certified Mobile Application Security Expert Course?

The Certified Web Application Security Expert Course is designed for security enthusiasts, IT professionals, and mobile app developers who want to learn more about common mobile app security challenges.

What are the prerequisites for the Certified Mobile Application Security Expert Course?

Certified Mobile Application Security Expert is an advanced level course, technical expertise is expected from the candidates.