About Information Security Foundation

IIFIS (International Institute for Information Security) strives to give the most up-to-date knowledge to assist experts in security domains and companies in establishing optimal security practices.

The Information Security Foundation Certification is a beginner-oriented certification meant to prepare individuals for a career in information security. Display your ability to take a holistic approach to information security, understand core security and risk management principles, explain common information security risks and remedies, and comprehend legal and regulatory information security requirements, among several other things. It assesses knowledge of information security aspects and their value, as well as threats and hazards.

The course is designed to assist candidates to obtain knowledge in all areas related to market-driven information security solutions. The IIFIS Information Security Foundation Certification is a fantastic way to achieve a competitive edge over your peers and advance your future job prospects.


Instil demonstrable information security awareness and understanding.

Teach how to construct safe systems: fundamental concepts.

Transmit proficiency in avoiding and defending against typical cybersecurity threats.


Who should attend the Information Security Foundation Course?

Anybody interested in knowing about computer security and the parameters that must be satisfied inside a firm to comply with regulatory requirements would benefit from this programme.

What are the prerequisites for an Information Security Foundation Course?

The Information Security Foundation Course has no essential prerequisites as the modules are designed to impart knowledge from scratch.