ABOUT Cyber Security Certification

IIFIS (International Information for Information Security) intends to empower security professionals to accomplish greater heights and companies to create effective security practices by providing key knowledge.

IIFIS offers four certificates in the field of cyber security, ranging from fundamental to advanced levels of expertise. The IIFIS Cyber Security Course will present a full understanding of suitable cyber security practices to aid in the prevention of inadvertent information leaks or aggressive cyber invasions, whether it be hardware, software, or electronic data. Cyber security programmes cover topics such as penetration testing, digital forensics, malware analysis, and security principles.

IIFIS security certificates are intended to assess professionals' ability to operate across several platforms. Certifications in cybersecurity are required to begin and enhance your cybersecurity job.

With a bundle of four courses, IIFIS offers Cyber Security Courses to novices, seasoned experts, and managers alike:

Certified Penetration Tester

Certified Cyber Security Manager

Cyber Security for Leaders

AI Cyber Security Associate

Objectives of Cyber Security Courses:

Educate how cyber security works and how to keep it up to date in today's corporate world.

Imparting the know-how on techniques to improve the network, computer, and data protection from attack, damage, and unlawful conduct.

To be able to recognise vulnerabilities and respond to emergencies with a more technological approach.

What are the prerequisites for a Cyber Security Course?

The Cyber Security Course has no mandatory requirements, however prior knowledge of the subject is beneficial.