IIFIS, the International Institute for Information Security, operates as a voluntary and professional organization dedicated to upholding the highest standards of security professional certifications worldwide. It is committed to demonstrating mastery of established levels of expertise within the field of cybersecurity and promoting ethical conduct among its members.

At IIFIS, every member, whether holding a certification or accreditation, is held to a strict code of ethics in all their interactions and engagements. This code mandates that members conduct themselves with integrity, objectivity, due care, and genuine interest in all their dealings with employers, clients, colleagues, and the public.

The institute acknowledges that obtaining professional accreditation or certification creates an implicit expectation within the community that members will fulfill their professional responsibilities with the utmost integrity and competence. Consequently, any reports or suspicions of members breaching this code of conduct are taken seriously.

Upon receiving reports of potential breaches, IIFIS initiates a thorough review process, which may involve investigations into the alleged misconduct. The member in question is contacted and afforded the opportunity to provide a full response to the accusations. This ensures a fair and transparent procedure for all parties involved.

Depending on the severity and substantiation of the allegations, proposed actions may range from censure to suspension or termination of membership. However, any such actions are taken in accordance with IIFIS's Disciplinary Policy, which ensures consistency and fairness in the application of sanctions.

By upholding rigorous ethical standards and holding its members accountable for their conduct, IIFIS aims to maintain the trust and integrity of the cybersecurity profession. Through its commitment to professionalism and ethical behavior, IIFIS contributes to the advancement and credibility of the security industry on a global scale.