Webinar On

Anatomy of Ransomware Attacks and Preventive Measures.

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Jaya Ram Kumar Pothi

Chief Executive Consultant on Information Security at Briskinfosec.

About the Speaker

Jayaram currently is working as the Chief Executive Consultant with Briskinfosec Technology and Consulting. He is a highly skilled Cyber Security & GRC Consultant with more than 14 years of experience, providing advisory services on information security, IT\OT Security, Cloud Security, BCP, and DR advisory services to leading organizations in Oman and other Fortune 100 companies across the globe.

Who can attend?

Security professionals who want to upskill their knowledge

IT professionals who want to know the latest trends in the Cyber Security Industry

Fresh graduates who seek to make a career in the Cyber Security domain

12th Jan'24 10:00AM GMT
3:30PM IST