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Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) in Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity

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Vinod Babu B

Cyber Security Trainer and Speaker, Technopreneur

About the Speaker

Vinod has over two decades of experience in the IT Industry. Coupled with his expertise as a research scholar focusing on the dark web, he holds multiple cybersecurity certifications from ISACA, CompTIA, EC Council, and Microsoft, showcasing his drive to continuously learn and grow professionally. His knowledge spans Cybersecurity, Threat Intelligence, Threat Hunting and Analysis, IoT security, Deception and Dark web investigation, Cryptocurrency Investigation, and Digital Forensics. With a proven track record of delivering cybersecurity solutions across various sectors globally, he also has experience in providing customized solutions for law enforcement agencies.

Who can attend?

Security professionals who want to upskill their knowledge

IT experts who want to know the latest trends in the Cyber Security Industry

Freshmen who seek to work in the Cyber Security domain

6th Nov'23 10:00AM GMT
3:30PM IST